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History of Theater - Greek and Latin (Grade 9)

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History of Theater - Greek and Latin

This is the only playwright that we know wrote during the new comedy period of ancient Greece
  1. Madeline
  2. Medea
  3. Marsailles
  4. Menander
Aristotle wrote this book that outlined the essential elements of drama
  1. The Poetics
  2. The Odyssey
  3. The Illiad
  4. The Origin of Species
Literally translated as "god out of the machine," this Latin phrase now refers to a contrived ending
  1. tempis fugit
  2. deus ex machina
  3. puella est poeta
  4. anno domini
This scenic element allowed the Greeks to show different scenes on two or three-sided flats
  1. skene
  2. periactoid
  3. cavea
  4. theatron
Sophocles wrote which of the following plays?
  1. Medea
  2. Agamemnon
  3. Lysistrata
  4. Oedipus
The Greeks valued this genre of theatre above all others
  1. comedy
  2. satire
  3. tragedy
  4. history
Greek theatres . . .
  1. were rooged
  2. had proscenium arches
  3. had box offices
  4. were all outdoors
The city that is most associated with Greek theatre is
  1. Carthage
  2. Athens
  3. Rome
  4. Sparta
About how long ago did Greek theatre begin?
  1. 200 years ago
  2. 2,500 years ago
  3. 20 years ago
  4. 500 years ago
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