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Theater Performance (Grades 11-12)

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Theater Performance

                         is the representation of another being.
An                        is an opportunity for an actor to demonstrate talent.
What is the 4th Wall?

The director asks actor, Jessica, to pace along the proscenium during her monologue. What does the director mean by "pace along the proscenium."?

The responsibilities of the Assistant Director include all of the following EXCEPT
  1. Take attendance
  2. Set up rehearsal room
  3. Read lines of absent actors
  4. Design costumes
This keyword refers to a group of people working toward a common goal.
  1. Crew
  2. Ensemble
  3. Cast
  4. Characters
What is blocking?
  1. A section of the script spoken by one person.
  2. A direction to the director or actor written into the script.
  3. Planned movement.
  4. The story and its action.
The backbone of a production is the:
  1. the actors
  2. the director.
  3. the promptbook.
  4. the callbacks.
A reading rehearsal is:
  1. the time in which the movement and stage business are worked out.
  2. the first rehearsal.
  3. when interpretation is developed.
  4. when everything comes together and the actors are ready to perform.
An open audition is:
  1. for professional nonunion actors.
  2. improvised auditions.
  3. for professional union actors only.
  4. is a cold reading.
A stage manager is the person who:
  1. is in charge of seating the audience
  2. is responsible for financial arrangements
  3. is completely in charge of the backstage during performances
  4. moves scenery
A warn cue:
  1. advises the stage manager of an entrance, a sound effect, or lighting change.
  2. signals the theater is on fire.
  3. has the actor's lines on a teleprompter.
  4. informs people when a play is over.
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