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Photography (Grades 11-12)

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Eadweard Muybridge was one of the greatest pioneers of motion photography, he was known famously for his studies of                        and                       .
  1. trains and automobiles
  2. sailboats and planes
  3. humans and animals
  4. all of the above
This photographer was said to be the man who invented "photojournalism":
  1. Timothy O'Sullivan
  2. Eadweard Muybridge
  3. Charles Darwin
  4. Matthew Brady
Louis Daguerre had partnership with                        in 1829, unfortunately it was short lived due to the death of the same person.
  1. George Eastman
  2. Nicephore Niepce
  3. Julia Margaret Cameron
  4. Timothy O'Sullivan
The earliest record of the uses of a camera obscura could be found in the writings of:
  1. Katsushika Hokusai
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Claude Monet
  4. Pablo Picasso
Photography is derived from two words:
  1. "bright" and "lighting"
  2. "drawing" and "camera"
  3. "camera" and "dark"
  4. "light" and "writing"
What is another name for aperture?
  1. F-stop
  2. Shutter speed
  3. ISO
  4. Monopod
Raw images are considered superior to jpg images primarily because.
  1. they require more skill to manipulate
  2. they typically are obained from better sensors
  3. they typically have higher megapixel counts
  4. they maintain the ability to make changeable adjustments after capture
The best way to reduce camera shake is to.
  1. Increase your ISO
  2. Decrease your shutter speed
  3. Use a tripod
  4. Increase (open) your aperture wider.
Splatterpaint is categorized as what type of art?
  1. Surreal
  2. Realist
  3. Portrait
  4. Abstract
The "automatic" setting on cameras means
  1. you choose your settings
  2. the camera makes choices for you
  3. the camera will turn off
  4. the camera will let you set your own settings
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