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Colors and Tints (Grade 6)

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Colors and Tints

Instructions: Fill in or circle the correct answer to each question.

Various shades of grey between absolute black and absolute white.
  1. Linear Perspective
  2. Line
  3. Tonal Range
  4. Form
What are tertiary colors?
  1. A primary color mixed with another primary color
  2. The same color repeated in different shades
  3. A primary color mixed with a secondary color
  4. Red, Yellow, and Blue
When mixing white with red paint, the resulting color, pink, is called a:
  1. shade
  2. primary color
  3. tint
  4. neutral color
A plan for organizing colors is called                .
  1. portrait
  2. composition
  3. color scheme
  4. still life
Adding black to a color to make it darker creates a:
  1. tint
  2. secondary color
  3. shade
  4. complementary color
Colors next to each other on the color wheel are called:
  1. complementary
  2. analogous
  3. tertiary
  4. positive and negative
The darkness and lightness of a color is called:
  1. shape
  2. value
  3. form
  4. harmony
When mixing red and blue, the resulting color is:
  1. yellow
  2. black
  3. green
  4. purple
What is color theory?                                                                             
The color red is considered one of the                      colors.
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