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Ceramics Review (Grade 10)

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Ceramics Review

Which is the best time for carving on clay to keep lots of crisp, sharp detail on the clay?
  1. green ware stage
  2. leather hard stage
  3. Bisque ware stage
  4. wet stage
A type of paint to make applied to clay
  1. acrylic
  2. glaze
  3. tempera
  4. watercolor
Add                      by pressing or carving designs into soft clay.
  1. low-temperature wire
  2. glaze
  3. air-pockets
  4. texture
Process of roughing up a section of clay before attaching another piece of clay to the area.
  1. slipping
  2. greenware
  3. scoring
  4. bisque ware
This machine is used to roll out clay to even thicknesses.
  1. ribbon tool
  2. wooden tool
  3. potters wheel
  4. slab roller
One of the oldest ways of forming pottery. Long strands of clay which are laid on top of each other and joined through blending coil to coil. Coil pieces can be almost any shape or size.
  1. Coil
  2. Slab
  3. Wheel thrown
  4. Pinch pot
The act of creating texture on clay in order attach two pieces together is referred to as:
  1. scoring
  2. slippling
  3. kneading
  4. throwing
A watery clay liquid used to help bind moist clay pieces together is called:
  1. glue
  2. epoxy
  3. slip
  4. cement
Clay that is completely air dried is referred to as:
  1. stoneware
  2. glazed
  3. dry
  4. greenware
Building a ceramic piece with long, rope-like sections is referred to as:
  1. coiling
  2. roping
  3. snaking
  4. pinching
Building a ceramic piece with long, flat sections of clay is referred to as:
  1. coil construction
  2. throwing method
  3. slab construction
  4. cone method
To add permanent, waterproof color to a ceramic piece, you paint the piece with:
  1. glaze
  2. watercolor
  3. gesso
  4. acrylic
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