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The Progressive Era (Grade 8)

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The Progressive Era

Define the Progressive Era
  1. A time when people began to recognize the need for positive change in the areas of working conditions, transportation, and social groups
  2. America is divided due to the Civil War
  3. The rebuilding of a nation
  4. A time of struggle for America wanting separation from Great Britain
How did the Progressive Movement positively impact society?
  1. Increased working hours
  2. Improved safety conditions
  3. Allowed more child labor
  4. Progressively moved society forward
What were the TWO main goals of the National Progressive Republican League which formed in 1911?
  1. Increase awareness of corruption in government
  2. Block renomination of Taft
  3. Deal with the water shortage problem
  4. Put forward their own candidate, Robert LaFollette
Jacob Riis and Upton Sinclair are considered muckrakers because they
  1. established a new political party.
  2. exposed corruption and abuses in society.
  3. organized labor unions.
  4. drew cartoons to criticize politicians.
When the Republicans decided to re-nominate Taft, Roosevelt's supporters formed which party?
  1. Progressive, or "Bull Moose" Party
  2. Proactive, or "Bull Moose" Party
  3. Progenitor, or "Bull Moose" Party
  4. Protectorate, or "Bull Moose" Party
Women's suffrage was a belief of
  1. Lucretia Mott, who organized the Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York.
  2. abolitionists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was not allowed to speak at an international antislavery conference in 1840.
  3. Susan B. Anthony, who argued for equal pay for women teachers and for equal property rights for women.
  4. all of the above.
During the Progressive Era, Jane Addams responded to urban conditions by working to establish
  1. settlement houses that provided assistance to the poor.
  2. newspapers that helped inform Americans about slum conditions.
  3. free public schools located in inner-city neighborhoods.
  4. speakeasies for those who wanted alcohol.
An important political aim of the Progressive Movement was to
  1. stimulate democratic reforms such as the initiative and the referendum
  2. guarantee government jobs for the unemployed
  3. increase the participation of African Americans in the Federal Government
  4. decrease the number of immigrants to the country
Which was NOT a part of Theodore Roosevelt's political platform in 1912?
  1. Women's suffrage
  2. A stronger chief executive
  3. Annexation of Cuba
  4. Minimum wages
In 1906, the publication of "The Jungle", written by Upton Sinclair, led Congress to
  1. enact stronger Prohibition laws
  2. support the national conservation movement
  3. establish a system for meat inspection
  4. create a system for taxing income

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