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Early Rome (Grade 6)

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Early Rome

When was the Roman Republic believed to established?                  
The first settlers in Rome chose the site because
  1. the valley surrounded by steep mountains provided protection from invaders.
  2. settlers could see invaders from the site on the open plains.
  3. the soil was fertile.
  4. it was located on an island.
Romulus and Remus were
  1. Roman emperors.
  2. Roman generals.
  3. the main characters in the story about the beginnings of Rome.
  4. the main gods worshiped by the Romans.
Romans created a new form of government called a(n)
  1. republic.
  2. monarchy.
  3. oligarchy.
  4. regime.
The wealthy Roman class of of landowners were known as                .
  1. Plebeians
  2. Patriots
  3. Praetors
  4. Patricians
An ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic
  1. patrician
  2. dictator
  3. plebeian
  4. consul
An elected official who led the ancient Roman Republic
  1. consul
  2. dictator
  3. plebeian
  4. patrician
A structure that carries water over a long distance
  1. arch
  2. dictator
  3. patrician
  4. aqueduct
In the Roman Republic, what happened if the republic faced an emergency?
  1. A dictator was appointed.
  2. A third consul was appointed.
  3. The senate made the final decision.
  4. All citizens voted.
Rome is on the continent of               .
  1. Asia
  2. North America
  3. Europe
  4. Africa
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