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Cause and Effect - Literary Text (Grade 7)

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Cause and Effect - Literary Text

As Patricia stood in the front of the room having her picture taken, she still struggled to grasp all that had happened to her in the past three months. How could so much have changed in just 12 weeks?

As she smiled and nodded politely, shaking people'€™s hands and trying not to look too overwhelmed, she thought back to that day when she had been singing in the backyard. As usual, she was helping her mother plant dozens of flower bulbs in the garden. To pass the time, Patricia had been singing to the radio, not realizing that her next door neighbor was listening.

"Patricia Renaldo, what an incredibly lovely voice you have!" said Mr. Perkins from across the fence, and Patricia blushed. Mr. Perkins was the school's choir teacher and if she had known he could possibly hear her over at his house, she would have sung more softly.

"Why haven't you joined the school's choir yet?" he asked. Patricia shrugged; she never thought her voice was particularly good - ”she just knew she loved to sing. Little did she suspect that her life would change that afternoon. By the end of the week, she was enrolled not only in choir class, but in the advanced choir that did public performances.

Now, three months later, she was holding a first place award in her hands, after winning the regional vocal contest for her school. Her family and Mr. Perkins were beaming at her from the front row, and Patricia took a deep breath and smiled. Big changes were not always easy, but this one was definitely fun!
What is the main reason Patricia was startled when Mr. Perkins spoke to her?
  1. She did not realize she was a talented singer.
  2. She did not want to join the school'€™s choir class.
  3. She did not know anyone else could hear her.
  4. She did not like her choir teacher being a neighbor.
What is the main reason Patricia sang?
  1. She enjoyed it.
  2. It made the time pass faster.
  3. She hoped to join the choir someday soon.
  4. It took her mind off of planting the flower bulbs.
What was the purpose of explaining Patricia's emotions after winning the award?
  1. It showed what a great job Mr. Perkins had done to train Patricia.
  2. It emphasized the impact the changes had had on Patricia's life.
  3. It demonstrated how proud Patricia's parents were of her victory.
  4. It explained why Patricia was so confused about what had happened.

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