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Cause and Effect - Short Passages (Grade 6)

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Cause and Effect - Short Passages

Hurricanes begin when the weather conditions are just right for a cluster of thunderstorms to form over a tropical ocean. If such a cluster remains long enough, it organizes into a tropical depression, with winds of up to 42 miles per hour. If a tropical depression increases to winds of 43 to 74 miles per hour, it is a tropical storm. A tropical storm is given a name and watched closely, by satellite, to see if it gets worse and begins to have the telltale circular shape of a hurricane. If the air pressure continues to drop, the wind rises to above 75 miles per hour, and a true hurricane is born.

Which of the following causes weather forecasters to say a storm has become a hurricane?
  1. A cluster of thunderstorms form over a tropical ocean.
  2. A cluster begins to organize into a tropical depression.
  3. Winds increase to over 75 miles per hour.
  4. Winds increase to 23 to 42 miles an hour.
Students at school have been sick all winter long. Many students have missed over a week of school due to the viruses passing from student to student. A few students, though, have not gotten sick at all. They have had perfect attendance. When asked why they had not gotten sick, the students explained that they cleaned their hands regularly with hand sanitizer.

What is the CAUSE of the students not getting sick?
  1. They missed no school.
  2. They missed many days of school.
  3. They used hand sanitizer.
  4. They ate breakfast everyday.
Opossums are strange creatures. Unlike most animals, they like to hold their food with all four feet! Their tails are long and flexible. Have you seen pictures of them hanging from tree branches by their tails? When an opossum hangs by its tail, it can grasp a peach with its four paws and enjoy a midnight snack!

What is the cause of opossums hanging by their tails?
  1. To avoid predators
  2. To eat a snack using all four paws
  3. To sleep
  4. To reach food growing in the trees
Megan was so excited by the parade that she forgot and left her coat at home. Megan stood outside with the rest of the people enjoying the parade and braving the cold weather. As a result, Megan was sick the rest of the weekend.

What caused Megan to get sick?
  1. She stayed too long at the parade
  2. She didn't get enough candy at the parade
  3. She left her coat at home
  4. She ate too much candy at the parade
This technique demonstrates that two or more things are connected by stating that one causes another.

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