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Compare and Contrast - Fiction (Grade 5)

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Compare and Contrast - Fiction

Katherine looked around her and frowned. Everywhere she looked there were bright flowers and green leaves. The garden was so beautiful at this time of year. From the red of the roses to the yellow of the dandelions, it was like looking at a rainbow on the ground.

As much as she loved all of the colors, Katherine was confused. Grandpa George had asked her to pull any weeds she found. He had given her a bucket and some gloves and then gone back to filling the birdfeeders. Katherine wanted to help, but she could not tell which plants were flowers and which ones were weeds since they all looked the same to her.

When she asked Grandpa George to explain the difference between the plants, he started laughing. "Gardeners have asked that question for years," he said. "Here is how I define it. Flowers are the plants I want in the garden. I carefully planted the seeds with my hands. I covered them with soil, and watered them so they would grow. Weeds are the plants I did not invite! They just showed up, thanks to the wind or birds, and those keep growing, no matter what I do."

Katherine giggled at the idea of seeds coming into a garden without an invitation, but then she frowned again. "So, which ones should I pick?" she asked. Grandpa George paused a moment and then said, "Oh heck, let's forget about weeding and make a bouquet for Grandma instead." Katherine thought that was best gardening idea she had ever heard.
What two things is this story comparing?
  1. Flowers and weeds
  2. Seeds and plants
  3. Gardens and soil
  4. Roses and dandelions
Why was Katherine confused about the job she was given?
  1. There were no weeds in the garden.
  2. She did not understand her Grandpa's directions.
  3. There were too many plants for her to choose from.
  4. She was not sure what she was supposed to pick and what she was not.
Which statement about this story is most accurate?
  1. Grandma likes bouquets of dandelions the most.
  2. Some plants need more care to grow than others.
  3. Gardening takes a great deal of skill and time to do.
  4. It is important to spend time outside in nature.
How do we compare and contrast events in a story?
  1. Decide how events are caused.
  2. Decide how things or events are alike and different.
  3. Decide when things happen in a story.
  4. Decide what the effect of an event was.
Ethan and Eli are brothers. Ethan likes to play with Spiderman toys, whereas Eli likes to play with Disney toys. Both boys like to play computer games.

What sentence compares the brothers?
  1. Ethan and Eli are brothers.
  2. Ethan likes to play with Spiderman toys, whereas Eli like to play with Disney toys.
  3. Both boys like to play computer games.
  4. None of the above.
by A. Gautam

I was off to see my father past the fog and the mist.
The newspaper crumpled in my fist,
and frost lay like stardust on my shoulders.
My feet trembled against the icy floor.

I was off to meet my father at the train station.
Our photograph was warm in my coat pocket.
The bench was cold like a broken friendship.
The engine whizzed past my reddish ears.

I was off to find my father among the happy faces,
and people swarmed as bees attacking a stone
that had just flung past their wounded hive.
Then, he appeared like the sun peeping through the clouds.

My father, finally home in my arms melted the winter.
He returned whole after all these years
and gave life to my photograph,
now, warmer than all summers of my lifetime.
Which of the following lines from the above poem is an example of a simile?
  1. "now, warmer than all summers of my lifetime"
  2. "and frost lay like stardust on my shoulders"
  3. "He returned whole after all these years"
  4. "Our photograph was warm in my coat pocket"
Read this line from the poem:

Then, he appeared like the sun peeping through the clouds.

Why does the poet compare the father to the sun?
  1. to demonstrate how bright things can make people happier in crowded places
  2. to explain that it is no longer cold when the father finally arrives at the station
  3. to show how he brightens the speaker's day when he emerges from the crowd
  4. to encourage people to be positive like a ray of sunshine in a cold and dark day

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