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The Scarlett Letter (Grade 10)

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The Scarlett Letter

Because Puritan Boston c.1690 was still a theocratic society, crime against church was
  1. a crime against Luther
  2. a crime against God
  3. a crime against James
  4. a crime against another person
It was illegal to miss church on Sabbath days during Puritan times.
  1. True
  2. False
What was the purpose for Puritans to punish citizens by putting them in the pillory, or stocks?

Puritan culture emphasized 6 things. what were they?

Because scripture was central to religion and government, scholarship was a highly valued right for whom? Write your answer in a complete sentence.

What was the role of the Puritan religious leaders? Write your answer in a complete sentence

What was the setting of the novel The Scarlet Letter?
  1. 18th century Europe
  2. 17th century Boston
  3. 17th century Britain
  4. 18th century in the Southern United States
Throughout the years that the novel takes place, the emotion that Hester experiences the most is:
  1. joy
  2. fear
  3. regret
  4. loneliness
One of the many themes found in the novel, The Scarlet Letter, is:
  1. Black vs. White
  2. Man vs. Nature
  3. Punishment vs. Forgiveness
  4. True friendship never fails
Which statement best characterizes the narrator's intention in telling Hester's story?
  1. He wants to set the record straight with a definitive account of the events
  2. He wants to compose a work that, while not factually accurate, preserves the spirit of her story
  3. He wants to pen a bestseller by sensationalizing her story
  4. He wants to prove to his family that he can be a great writer
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