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"Reading" Paintings (Grade 4)

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"Reading" Paintings

Instructions: Follow the directions for each picture.

The name of this painting is "The Last Supper". What do you think the men are discussing?
Painting - The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinc

The name of this painting is "The Scream". Why do you think he is screaming?
Painting - The Scream - Edvard Munch

This painting is named "Poppies in a Field". What are the people in the painting doing?
Painting - Poppies in a Field - Claude Monet

This painting is called: "The Girl with the Pearl Earring". She looks about to speak. What do you think she would say?
Painting - The Girl With a Pearl Earring - Ja

This is the "Mona Lisa". What do you think the woman in the painting is thinking?
Painting - Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci

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