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Kingdoms (Grade 6)

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Why does a mushroom not belong to the animal kingdom?
  1. It does not move at any stage of life.
  2. It does not reproduce only sexually.
  3. It does not have fur or hair.
  4. all of the above
What kingdom do mushrooms belong to?
  1. Fungi
  2. Plantae
  3. Archaea
  4. Bacteria
The multicellular organisms in the                 kingdom have chloroplasts as part of their cell structure.
  1. Eubacteria
  2. Archaebacteria
  3. Protista
  4. Fungi
  5. Plantae
  6. Animalia
The kingdom that includes all the unicellular organisms that do not fit into any other category is
  1. Eubacteria.
  2. Archaebacteria.
  3. Protista.
  4. Fungi.
  5. Plantae.
  6. Animalia.
Protozoa belong in the kingdom
  1. Protista.
  2. Animalia.
  3. Plantae.
  4. Fungi.
Amoeba and paramecium belong to which kingdom?
  1. animal
  2. plant
  3. protist
  4. fungi
Some lifeforms in the kingdom of                 can survive in extreme environments, including hot springs, salt water lakes, and the intestines of animals.
  1. Fungi
  2. Protista
  3. Archaea
  4. Bacteria
Which kingdom includes worms and sponges?
  1. Plantae
  2. Protista
  3. Archaea
  4. Animalia
Which is true for fungi?
  1. cannot locomote
  2. have prokaryotic cells
  3. are mostly unicellular
  4. contain chloroplasts
Which organism is part of the Plantae kingdom? (Select all that apply.)
  1. dandelion
  2. pine tree
  3. cat
  4. snail
  5. grass
  6. robin
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