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Frogs (Grade 2)

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How is a froglet different than an adult frog?
  1. It has gills.
  2. It has a tail.
  3. It doesn't have legs.
  4. It is still in an egg.
What is a baby frog called before it grows legs?
  1. froglet
  2. tadpole
  3. baby frog
After a frog egg hatches, the baby frog becomes a                .
  1. tadpole
  2. puppy
  3. chick
A frog is a(n)
  1. mammal.
  2. amphibian.
  3. bird.
  4. reptile.
Frogs use their                 to catch insects.
  1. paws
  2. claws
  3. teeth
  4. tongues
What set of legs does a frog grow first?
  1. front legs
  2. back legs
About how many eggs can a frog lay at a time?
  1. one million
  2. one thousand
  3. one hundred
  4. one
As adults, frogs breathe with
  1. gills.
  2. lungs.
  3. cartilage.
  4. mollusks.
List 2 differences between frogs and toads.

Draw the parts of a frog's life cycle.

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