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Fossil Fuels (Grade 8)

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Fossil Fuels

A fossil fuel is
  1. a rock that contains at least 50% plant and animal remains.
  2. fuel that formed from the remains of plants and other organisms that were buried and altered over millions of years ago.
  3. sediment that has been compacted many times.
  4. metamorphic rock.
Most of the world's fossil fuel reserves are made up of                .
  1. oil
  2. natural gas
  3. coal
  4. waste rock
Oil wells, mines, and drills are all used to                 fossil fuels.
  1. renew
  2. create
  3. extract
  4. replace
When surveyors find oil pockets in the ground, what other fossil fuel most likely will be in the same spot?
  1. Coal
  2. Gasoline
  3. Natural Gas
  4. None of the above
We can reduce our need for fossil fuels by developing
  1. new oil sources.
  2. natural gas lines.
  3. gasoline powered cars.
  4. alternative energy sources.
Natural gas is also called                .
  1. crude oil
  2. coal
  3. methane
  4. petroleum
Acid rain is formed when
  1. fossil fuels are dumped in large bodies of water, like rivers.
  2. fossil fuels react with pollutants that are called oxides.
  3. oxides of fossil fuels react with water vapor in the atmosphere.
  4. rain does not fall for a very long period.
A. Hydrocarbon B. Petroleum C. Coal D. Natural Gas

1. Crude Oil                         
2. A mixture of methane and other gases from decomposed marine organisms                             
3. A solid fossil fuel formed from decomposed plant remains               
4. A compound made of the elements hydrogen & carbon                             
List three uses for fossil fuels:




What are some problems with fossil fuels? Add examples.

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