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Whirligig (Grade 9)

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All the whirligigs were made                                      .
  1. to give people something to look at.
  2. to keep and honor Lea's memory.
  3. just for fun.
What materials does Brent use for the whirligig in Weeksboro, ME?
  1. aluminum foil and plastic
  2. shells and reflectors
  3. only wood and paint
Jennifer's grandmother says the whirligig symbolizes                       to her.
  1. goodness and laughter
  2. death and fear
  3. fun and youth
The marching band whirligig signifies                                   .
  1. good music and fun
  2. being an individual
  3. the need of people to be together
Brent kills Lea Zamora in a car accident. What does Lea's mother ask him to do to make restitution?
  1. She asks him to say a prayer every day.
  2. She asks him to pay for the funeral.
  3. She asks him to travel the country and build four whirligigs.
The main conflict of this story is person vs nature.
  1. True
  2. False
Tony, a young boy who hates playing the violin, is affected by the harp player whirligig.
  1. True
  2. False
The author uses shifts in                 to tell the story of Brent's travels.
  1. time
  2. words
  3. writing style
What three new things did Brent learn on his journey? Choose all three.
  1. the names of several constellations
  2. how to yodel
  3. how to build whirligigs
  4. how to play the harmonica
In four sentences or more, describe Brent's growth from the person he is at the beginning of the story to the person he is at the end.

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