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The Book Thief (Grade 9)

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The Book Thief

What problem does Tommy Muller have?
  1. He has a hearing problem from a fever.
  2. He can't read very well.
  3. He isn't able to play with Liesel.
  4. He likes to steal.
Why wasn't everyone in the basement for the last bombing?
  1. There were too many people to fit.
  2. The sirens didn't sound in time.
  3. The residents decided to "take a chance".
  4. The basement door got jammed.
What was Liesel doing during the final bombing of Himmel Street?
  1. laundry
  2. reading
  3. writing The Book Thief
  4. hiding
Of the characters in the following list, who survived the bombing of Himmel Street?
  1. Rudy
  2. Nobody
  3. Rosa
  4. Hans
The swastika embroidered on Ilsa's bathrobe symbolizes:
  1. the Nazi party
  2. Ilsa's low social status
  3. how far-reaching the Nazi party has become
  4. Ilsa's feelings about Jewish people
Rudy's fight with Franz parallels what other fight in the book?
  1. Right vs. Wrong
  2. Max vs. Hitler
  3. Rosa vs. Liesel
  4. Liesel vs. the Nazi Party
Why is Hans, Jr. so belligerent with his father?
  1. He's angry that Hans, Sr. is so poor.
  2. He's angry that Hans, Sr. isn't a member of the Nazi party.
  3. He's angry that Hans, Sr. is hiding a Jew.
  4. He's angry that Hans, Sr. plays the accordian.
The death of her brother causes Liesel to:
  1. have severe depression
  2. be put up for adoption
  3. have nightmares
  4. cry all the time
The money troubles the Hubermann's experience in Part 2 foreshadow what?
  1. The invention of the washing machine
  2. Rosa getting old
  3. The beginning of World War II
  4. The stock market crash
After Liesel steals a book from the bonfire, what does the burning book against her chest symbolize?
  1. Liesel's passion for words
  2. Fear
  3. The threat of fire
  4. The physical effects words can have
The fact that Hans gives up his seat and then survives the crash is an example of
  1. foreshadowing
  2. metaphor
  3. irony
  4. hyperbole
What is the significance of Max painting over the pages of Mein Kampf?
  1. He has to steal the paint from Hans.
  2. He won't be able to read the book anymore.
  3. He is erasing Hitler's policies.
  4. He wants to be artistic.
What essential theme is introduced in the beginning of the novel?
  1. Uselessness of words
  2. Importance of war
  3. Liesel's struggle with words
  4. Rudy's lack of pride
What does Death use as a distraction? Why?
  1. Music, to make him appear kinder
  2. Colors, to distract him from his job
  3. Colors, to make the person dying feel better
  4. Books, to take his mind off things
Why does Death say that he feels sorry for the survivors?
  1. They have to wait to die.
  2. They have to live without their loved ones.
  3. They don't know when they will die.
  4. They have to ask for death.
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