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Text Elements (Grade 4)

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Text Elements

Oscar has a magazine about animals. To see if his issue has an article about koala bears, he should look at the
  1. letters to the editor.
  2. editorial section.
  3. pictures.
  4. table of contents.
Kumiko wants to know what the word igneous means. If she has a reference book about rocks, where would be the best place for her to look?
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Glossary
  3. Index
  4. Preface
A text feature that gives the order of time in chronological order is a...
  1. map
  2. diagram
  3. timeline
  4. graph
This feature visually illustrates the text for the reader. What is it?
  1. caption
  2. table of contents
  3. glossary
  4. picture
A mini-dictionary at the end of the textbook is called a                  .
  1. table of contents
  2. index
  3. glossary
  4. prologue
The text feature that helps you find the page number of a particular topic in a text is the
  1. index.
  2. graph.
  3. diagram.
  4. timeline.
Where would you find a map of the United States?
  1. an atlas
  2. a thesaurus
  3. a dictionary
  4. a magazine
Which volume of the encyclopedia would you use to find information about popcorn?
  1. Volume 2:B
  2. Volume 3:Ca-Co
  3. Volume 7:P
  4. Volume 9:Sa-Sh
The text feature that makes a subtitle jump out at the reader is:
  1. bold text
  2. regular text
  3. number
  4. puzzles
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