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Adverbs (Grade 7)

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The rain was pouring loud on the roof.

The words POURING LOUD should be changed to:
  1. pouring loudly
  2. loud pouring
  3. pouring loudness
  4. no change
The teacher asked us to wait patient.

The word PATIENT should be changed to:
  1. more patient
  2. patientful
  3. patiently
  4. no change
He was strangely quiet after lunch.

The words STRANGELY QUIET should be changed to:
  1. strange quiet
  2. quiet strange
  3. most strangely quiet
  4. no change
The sun shines bright over the lake.

The words SHINES BRIGHT should be changed to:
  1. shines brightful
  2. shines brightly
  3. bright shine
  4. no change
Now, I work more slow than I did before.

The words MORE SLOW should be changed to:
  1. more slowly
  2. most slowly
  3. more slower
  4. no change
Javier ran quick into the ELD class.

The words RAN QUICK should be changed to:
  1. ran quickly
  2. ran quickest
  3. quick ran
  4. no change
She opened her present quickly to see what was inside.

The word QUICKLY should be changed to:
  1. quick
  2. quicker
  3. more quickly
  4. no change

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