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Eclipses (Grade 9)

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If the Moon and Sun line up when the Moon is at is farthest point in its orbit, leaving a thin ring of sunlight around the Moon, it is called a(n)                 solar eclipse.
  1. total
  2. partial
  3. annular
In a lunar eclipse, what seems to darken?
  1. Moon
  2. Sun
  3. Earth
  4. All of the above
People who stand in the Moon's umbra, the darkest part of its shadow, experience a
  1. partial lunar eclipse.
  2. a partial solar eclipse.
  3. a total solar eclipse.
  4. a total lunar eclipse.
If a total solar eclipse occurs, when must a partial lunar eclipse occur?
  1. one month before or after the solar eclipse
  2. two weeks before or after the solar eclipse
  3. one day before or after the solar eclipse
  4. there is no relationship between the timing of solar and lunar eclipses
When can a solar eclipse occur?
  1. anytime
  2. during a new moon
  3. during a full moon
  4. during a quarter moon
During a solar eclipse, the shadow of                 falls on                .
  1. Earth; the Sun
  2. the Sun; Earth
  3. Earth; the Moon
  4. the Moon; Earth
A lunar eclipse can only occur during which phase of the Moon?
  1. Quarter Moon
  2. New Moon
  3. Full Moon
  4. Crescent Moon
During a solar eclipse, a dark circle seems to cover the Sun. What is the dark circle?
  1. the Moon's shadow
  2. the Moon
  3. the Sun's shadow
  4. Earth's shadow
The diagram shows the Moon in different positions as it orbits Earth. Write "solar eclipse" on the line(s) by the Moon's position(s) where a solar eclipse may possibly be seen from Earth. Write "lunar eclipse" on the line(s) where a lunar eclipse may possibly be viewed from Earth.
Moon Phases 2

What is the difference between a total solar eclipse, an annular solar eclipse, and a partial solar eclipse? In which is the corona visible?

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