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Electromagnetic Spectrum (Grade 9)

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

Use the diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum to answer the questions.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Which electromagnetic waves are the longest?
  1. radio
  2. violet
  3. gamma
  4. ultraviolet
Which word best describes the relationship between wavelength and frequency?
  1. linear
  2. inverse
  3. variable
  4. exponential
Microwaves have a                 wavelength and                 frequency than radio waves.
  1. longer; higher
  2. longer; lower
  3. shorter; higher
  4. shorter; lower
Visible light with a wavelength of 480 nm appears
  1. red.
  2. blue.
  3. green.
  4. violet.
Which electromagnetic waves have a frequency of [math]10^13 Hz[/math]?
  1. x-ray
  2. visible
  3. gamma
  4. infrared
In the visible spectrum, the color                 has a lower frequency than the color                .
  1. orange; green
  2. blue; yellow
  3. yellow; red
  4. violet; blue
What type of wave could measure 5 meters in length?
  1. x-ray
  2. radio
  3. visible
  4. infrared
Far infrared light is closer to the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum than it is to visible light. Which wavelength would be best described as being far infrared?
  1. [math]10^(-3) m[/math]
  2. [math]10^(-4) m[/math]
  3. [math]10^(-5) m[/math]
  4. [math]10^(-6) m[/math]
Wave energy relates directly with frequency. Which of the following types of radiation has the greatest amount of energy?
  1. radio
  2. gamma
  3. ultraviolet
  4. microwave
1 micron ([math]mum[/math]) is 0.000001 meters. The wavelength of which type of radiation is best measured in microns?
  1. x-ray
  2. radio
  3. infrared
  4. microwave

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