Graphing Word Problems (Grade 9)

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Graphing Word Problems

A balloon leaves the ground rising at a steady rate. After 5 minutes it reaches a height of 100 ft. Write an equation which describes this relationship and the graph it using appropriate scales.
Grid 10x10

James works on a stand-by job. When he works 3 hours he receives $175.00 and when he works 5 hours he receives $225.00. Write an equation which represents this relationship and graph it using appropriate scales.
Grid 10x10

Samantha operates an ice cream stand in the summer. It costs $200 per day to rent the location and she sells the ice cream for $3.50 per cone. Write an equation which shows the profit/loss each day and graph it.
Grid 10x10

In the problem above, how many ice cream cones does Samantha need to sell to break even each day?

Talia has $90 in her bank account and decides to deposit $20 each week. Cherise has $20 in her account and decides to deposit $30 each week. Is there a time when both girls will have the same amount of money in their accounts? If so how long will it take? Solve by graphing.
Grid 10x10

Jared begins playing a computer game at 5 p.m. and plays until 8 p.m. He began with 52,080 points and ended with 54,200 points. Assuming that his average points per hour is consistent, how many hours had Jared previously played the game? Write an equation to represent this relationship, where x represents the total time played and y represents the point total after 5 p.m., and give the answer to the nearest whole hour. Create a graph to check your answer.
Grid 10x10

Tricia wants to sell cookies for a fundraiser for school. She calculates that it will cost her $2.25 per dozen for supplies and she wants to sell them for $5.75 per dozen. Create an equation to represent the relationship between the amount that Tricia will raise and the number of cookies sold. Graph the relationship.
Grid 10x10

How many cookies does Tricia need to sell in order to raise $146?

Carter wants to start a skateboard shop. The location he wants to rent costs $2500 per month. He can get the skateboards for $35 plus $3 in shipping each. Carter believes he can sell the skateboards for $75 each. Write an equation to describe the relationship between the number of skateboards Carter sells and his income. Graph the equation.
Grid 10x10

Craig rented 40 videos last year for a total cost of $170. The rental charge was $3 per video.
(a) Sketch the graph that represents the relationship.
(b) Without using the graph, find the equation of the line.
(c) Verify your graph in (a) using this equation.
(d) Discuss what the y-intercept in this graph represents.
(e) Does this graph have an x-intercept? Does it make sense in this situation?
Graph 20x20 Quadrant 1

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