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Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers (Grade 5)

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Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers

What is a decomposer?
  1. an organism that eats plants only
  2. an organism that breaks down dead things
  3. a dead organism
  4. an organism that eats meat only
What is a consumer?
  1. organism that makes food
  2. patterns of body color that allow an animal to stay in hiding
  3. organism that must eat to get energy
  4. behavior organisms inherited
What are organisms called that make their own food with sunlight or chemical energy?
  1. producers
  2. consumers
  3. decomposers
  4. scavengers
Which living thing is a producer?
  1. a fish
  2. a dog
  3. a turtle
  4. a tree
What do you call a animal that eats a producer?
  1. consumer
  2. decomposer
  3. predator
  4. prey
What do you call a consumer that eats producers?
  1. herbivore
  2. omnivore
  3. plants
  4. carnivore
Which of the following would you find at the bottom of an energy pyramid?
  1. consumer
  2. herbivore
  3. producer
  4. omnivore
An African lion is a                .
  1. decomposer
  2. consumer
  3. producer
  4. herbivore
Some beetles break down the remains of dead animals. Some mushrooms breakdown the remains of dead trees. How do these actions most benefit plants?
  1. By returning nutrients to the soil
  2. By releasing oxygen into the air
  3. By making space for new animals
  4. By decreasing the population of herbivores
Which best describes the role of a producer in an ecosystem?
  1. A producer supplies light for the consumers in the ecosystem.
  2. A producer supplies water for the consumers in the ecosystem.
  3. A producer supplies oxygen for the consumers in the ecosystem.
  4. A producer supplies energy for the consumers in the ecosystem.
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