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Phases of Matter (Grade 2)

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Phases of Matter

Instructions: Circle the correct answers to each question.

What is it called when matter changes from one state of matter to another?
  1. water cycle
  2. heat energy
  3. physical change
  4. matter
When a liquid changes into a solid, what is it called?
  1. freeze
  2. melt
  3. heat energy
  4. water cycle
What is it called when a solid changes into a liquid?
  1. melt
  2. freeze
  3. heat energy
  4. water cycle
What is an example of a solid turning into another state of matter?
  1. breaking a chair into pieces
  2. snow becoming a puddle
  3. tearing a piece of paper
  4. water freezing
What are the three major states of matter?
  1. solid, liquid, and gas
  2. Solid, liquid, and wood
  3. solid, iron, and gas
  4. metal, wood, and paper
When water vapor gets cold, it turns to a
  1. raindrop
  2. solid
  3. ice
  4. liquid
What type of substance can be poured and takes the shape of its container?
  1. Liquid
  2. Gas
  3. Solid
  4. Plasma
What happens to water when it boils?
  1. It is changed into a solid
  2. It is changed into a liquid
  3. It is changed into a gas
  4. It does not change at all
What does not change shape or size when it is moved?
  1. matter
  2. liquid
  3. texture
  4. solid
Which of these are examples of a gas? Check all that are true.
  1. helium
  2. steam
  3. gasoline
  4. syrup
Which of these objects are examples of a liquid? Check those that are true.
  1. sand
  2. gasoline
  3. oil
  4. corn
  5. dust
Which of these are examples of a solid? Check all that are true.
  1. candle wax under a flame
  2. marshmallow
  3. bread dough
  4. sand
  5. hot chocolate
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