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What to do with Garbage? (Grade 5)

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What to do with Garbage?

A growing problem for all Americans is what to do with our garbage. We must try to protect our                 from being polluted by garbage. We need clean air to breathe and pure water to drink.
  1. land
  2. water
  3. air
  4. environment
All garbage must be properly disposed of. In each community, it must be placed in a                 where it can be sorted, buried, and sometimes burned. There are strict laws that control the types of garbage that can be dumped here.
  1. heap
  2. landfill
  3. waterway
  4. container
A family of four throws away about 5,200 pounds of garbage a year. This large amount of                is made up of newspaper, glass, plastic, and aluminum containers. We must cut down on this huge amount of garbage if we are going to protect our environment for future generations.
  1. items
  2. objects
  3. solid waste
  4. collectibles
As we continue to add more garbage to our landfills, our problems continue to grow. However, some garbage such as food waste and paper will break down or                naturally. Other waste such as metal, and especially plastic, may take thousands of years to break apart.
  1. fracture
  2. fall apart
  3. separate
  4. decompose
We depend upon nature to supply us with the raw materials to make the things we use every day. These                  such as trees for making paper, and oil for heating and for producing plastic products, are limited. We must conserve them for future use.
  1. natural resources
  2. minerals
  3. sources
  4. materials
These products of nature are limited. Resources such as coal and oil are               , which means that when they are gone, nature cannot make them again. It is very important to limit their use and find other resources to replace them.
  1. nonrenewable
  2. replaceable
  3. usable
  4. unlimited
There are important ways in which we can deal with the garbage problem. We must try to                , or cut down, on the amount of plastics and glass containers we use. Paper products and fewer throw-away packaging materials must be used instead.
  1. replace
  2. reduce
  3. reuse
  4. recycle
It is important to use things we have in different ways. If we                 materials such as plastic and glass containers they will not fill up the landfills so quickly. Another way to reduce the amount of garbage is to repair broken things rather than throw them out.
  1. remove
  2. reduce
  3. reuse
  4. recycle
We can take waste materials like newspaper and glass and use them again. If we                 them, they are collected and sent to plants that will turn them into new products. This will also reduce the size of landfills.
  1. remove
  2. reduce
  3. reuse
  4. recycle
Leaves and grass clippings can be                , or placed in a pile in the backyard. They will break down into soil and not have to be collected and take up space in our landfills.
  1. composted
  2. separated
  3. processed
  4. crushed
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