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How Long Does It Take? Garbage Decomposition (Grade 5)

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How Long Does It Take? Garbage Decomposition

Everything you throw away has to go somewhere. Most garbage ends up in a municipal landfill. How long does it really take for your trash to decompose? Test your knowledge now!

Ten common types of trash are listed below. Place the items in the order you believe they will decompose from first (1) to last (10) on the line before each type of trash. On the line after the item, write your best estimate of how long it will take that type of garbage to decompose. Will it be a week, month, year, 100 years, longer? The answers may surprise you!

           Monofilament fishing line                             

           Wool sock                           

           Paper bag                           

           Plastic jug                               

           Leather belt                           

           Banana peel                           

           Disposable diaper                               

           Glass bottle                                     

           Waxed milk carton                             

           Aluminum can                                 
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