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Environmental Science Vocabulary (Grade 6)

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Environmental Science Vocabulary

Instructions: Select the word or phrase from the list below that best completes each statement. Write your answer on the line.

nontoxic; natural resource; geothermal; recycling; point source; nonpoint source; fossil fuels; petrochemicals; greenhouse effect; renewable

                        is using the material in an old object to make a new object.
Trees are a                         resource.
A                                        is any useful material or energy source found in nature.
                              Nutrient pollution that comes from a specific source that can be identified such as a factory or waste water treatment plant.
Chemicals that are                        do not harm the environment.
Heat from inside Earth is                           .
The trapping of heat in the atmosphere by certain gases in known as the                                         .
A chemical produced from oil for use in other products is                                   .
Nonrenewable resources formed when the remains of plants and animals are buried quickly are                               .
                                       pollution comes from many sources and that can be difficult to identify.
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