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Environmental Dilemmas (Grade 9)

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Environmental Dilemmas

Instructions: The scenarios below present real world environmental dilemmas with possible solutions to the situations. Read each scenario and select the best answer.

Your game controller needs new batteries. You remove the single-use alkaline batteries currently in the controller. How should you dispose of the batteries in an environmentally friendly way?
  1. Toss the old batteries in the trash.
  2. Recycle the batteries in the household recycling container.
  3. Find a nearby location that accepts batteries for recycling and bring them there.
An abandoned railroad bed runs through the woods, in sight of your house. The town has proposed turning the railroad bed into a rail trail that can be used for walking and biking, but not motorized vehicles. Which is a reason for you to support the rail trail?
  1. You do not want strangers walking and riding so close to your home.
  2. There are better ways your town should spend money then on creating a rail trail.
  3. It is a good use of the space and a great way for people to exercise.
It is a hot summer day and you can't wait to go for a swim at the town beach. However, when you arrive at the beach, the gate is closed and a sign is posted stating that the beach is closed due to high bacteria levels. Which should you do?
  1. Leave and find a beach that is open for swimming.
  2. Grab your fishing pole then hop the gate and go fishing, but not enter the water.
  3. Hop the gate and wade in the water, but don't put your face under.
You are out riding bikes with your friend. You notice a pick-up truck pulled over on the side of the road. A person is removing garbage bags from the truck bed and tossing them into the woods along the road. Which should you do?
  1. Nothing, it's none of your business.
  2. Yell at the person.
  3. When you get home, tell your parents what you saw and discuss what to do.
You need to get a paperback copy of a novel to read for English class. Which is the most eco-friendly way of getting a copy of the book?
  1. Borrow a copy from a friend or the library.
  2. Buy a new copy from the nearby bookstore.
  3. Order a new copy via an online retailer.
It has been a long, dry summer. Your town has instituted a watering ban that includes no outside use of water other than watering vegetable gardens. You see the kids next door have set up plastic waterslide and are using the garden hose for water. Which should you do?
  1. Join them, after all, it is hot and they are your friends.
  2. Tell the kids about the watering ban, they probably were not aware of it.
  3. Turn on your hose and use it with your own waterslide.
Your family owns a small, seasonal cabin with a private, spring-fed pond. Your family visits the camp for your annual spring cleanup to find that a beaver has dammed the spring and the water level of the pond has risen significantly. Beavers are a protected animal in your state. What should your family do?
  1. Break down the dam and hope the beaver doesn't return.
  2. Call the local conservation commission and see what they recommend.
  3. Set a beaver trap and remove the beaver.
You need to buy apples to make your famous apple pie. Which apples should you buy to best support your community?
  1. locally grown apples sold at the farmers' market
  2. organically grown apples sold at a major food store
  3. non-organically grown apples sold at a major food store
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