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Atoms (Grade 5)

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Instructions: Circle or fill in the blank with the correct answers.

                 are the building blocks of matter.
The atomic mass is the number of                      plus the number of                       .
A                    is a property of an atomic particle that causes it to attract or repel other particles.
In an atom, the nucleus (or center) contains the                      and the                       , while the outer layers contain the                         .
Particles with the                charge repel one another.
All matter is made up of atoms.
  1. True
  2. False
What particle is found in the nucleus and has no charge?
  1. Electron
  2. Neutron
  3. Proton
  4. Atom
The atomic particle with a negative electrical charge is the                .
  1. proton
  2. neutron
  3. electron
  4. ion
Positively-charged particles are called                .
  1. Protons
  2. Neutrons
  3. Electrons
  4. Electrolytes
Electrically charged atoms are                .
  1. molecules
  2. solutions
  3. isotopes
  4. ions
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