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Lab Tools (Grade 2)

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Lab Tools

Instructions: Write or circle the correct answer to each question.

Why do you use a hand lens?

When you want to observe really, really small organisms you use a:

You use this to protect your eyes when working in the lab.
  1. beaker
  2. gloves
  3. goggles
  4. test tubes
What measures wind speed?
  1. ruler
  2. anemometer
  3. thermometer
  4. rain gauge
What measures the amount of rain?
  1. thermometer
  2. ruler
  3. rain gauge
  4. anemometer
What measures temperature?
  1. anemometer
  2. rain gauge
  3. thermometer
  4. wind sock
A balance can measure                .
  1. size
  2. shape
  3. mass
  4. smell
What is one way a model can help you solve a problem?
  1. A model can fit on the table.
  2. A model is something you can build.
  3. A model can show how parts fit together.
What is a model?
  1. a plan for building something
  2. a set of problem-solving skills
  3. a drawing or figure that shows what something is like
  4. clay
Maurice wants to measure the volume of water his cat drinks. What tool should he use?
  1. a measuring cup
  2. a ruler
  3. a scale
  4. a test tube
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