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Food Web Diagram (Grade 5)

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Food Web Diagram

Instructions: A food web illustrates how energy moves through the organisms in an ecosystem. Use the diagram below to answer the questions.

Food Web Without Text Labels

a) Draw arrows on the diagram to show how energy moves from between the organisms.

b) Which organism on the diagram is a producer?

c) Which organism on the diagram is a decomposer?

d) Identify one consumer on the diagram.

e) What would be the primary energy source for this ecosystem?

f) Which is name of the ecosystem that is best represented by the food web diagram: RAINFOREST, PRAIRIE, MARINE, or TUNDRA?

g) If a grasshopper was introduced into this food web, between which two organisms would it belong?

h) Describe in a sentence or two, what changes may occur in this food web if a drought impacts its ecosystem.

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