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Appendicular Skeleton (Grade 9)

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Appendicular Skeleton

The appendicular skeleton consists of all the following EXCEPT the
  1. elbow joint.
  2. shoulder girdle.
  3. scapula.
  4. ribs.
The shoulder girdle does not include the
  1. ulna.
  2. scapula.
  3. humerus.
  4. clavicle.
Another name for collarbone is
  1. clavicle.
  2. cochlear.
  3. cartilage.
  4. compact bone.
What two bones make up the forearm?
  1. metacarpals and phalanges
  2. tibia and fibula
  3. radius and ulna
  4. clavicle and sternum
How many bones make up the lower extremity (leg)?
  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5
Which bone contacts the distal end of the humerus?
  1. proximal tibia
  2. proximal fibula
  3. distal scapula
  4. proximal radius
The proximal epiphysis of the tibia bone contacts
  1. the distal epiphysis of the femur and distal epiphysis of the fibula.
  2. the distal epiphysis of the humerus and the medial surface of the ulna.
  3. the compact bone of the clavicle and the lateral surface of the humerus.
  4. the distal epiphysis of the femur and the proximal epiphysis of the fibula.
What two bones are associated with the ankle joint?
  1. distal epiphyses of the tibia and fibula
  2. tibia and femur
  3. femur and pelvic girdle
  4. proximal epiphyseal plate of the femur and distal diaphysis of the ulna
The bones of the fingers and the bones of the toes have the same name. They are the
  1. carpals.
  2. metatarsals.
  3. tarsals.
  4. phalanges.
Use a colored pencil to color the bones that are part of the appendicular skeleton.

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