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Amoebas (Grade 10)

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Instructions: Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.

Amoebas are microscopic, single-celled organisms. Like all protists, amoebas are eukaryotes. Amoebas obtain food and move by extending cytoplasm to form pseudopods that engulf food, creating a food vacuole. The contractile vacuole helps regulate homeostasis by removing water from the amoeba. An amoeba reproduces asexually by duplicating its nucleus through a process known as binary fission. Amoebas typically live in ponds and other aquatic environments.

Describe how an amoeba moves.

Heterotrophic organisms must consume other organisms for food and autotrophic organisms make their own food. What type of organism is an amoeba?

What may result if an amoeba's contractile vacuole stops working?

Protists are often classified as plant-like, animal-like, or fungus-like. How should an amoeba be classified and why?

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