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What Type of Graph? (Grade 5)

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What Type of Graph?

Instructions: Bar graphs, pictographs, circle graphs, line plots, and scatter plots, are a few common ways of displaying data. Selecting the type of graph to use depends on the type of data collected and what you are trying to show. Answer the questions below about the graph types.

What type of graph is shown?
Scatter Plot 4
  1. box plot
  2. line graph
  3. histogram
  4. scatter plot
What type of graph is shown?
Bar Graph 3
  1. box plot
  2. bar graph
  3. line graph
  4. scatter plot
The type of graph used to show how a part or a share of something relates to the whole is a
  1. circle graph.
  2. bar graph.
  3. x-axis graph.
  4. line graph.
Which kind of graph is made of pictures?
  1. tally chart
  2. bar chart
  3. pictogram
  4. pie chart
Which graph would be most appropriate to show a the change in a child's height from January to December?
  1. line graph
  2. bar graph
  3. line plot
  4. stem and leaf
The owner of an ice cream shop counts the number of ice cream sundaes sold and the time of day they are sold. Which of the following would best way to display this data?
  1. pictogram
  2. circle graph
  3. scatter plot
  4. stem-and-leaf plot
Which is the best type of graph to show both the number of boys and girls that participate in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse?
  1. bar graph
  2. line graph
  3. scatter plot
  4. double bar graph
What type of graph must always have a key to show what each symbol means?
  1. line plot
  2. bar graph
  3. pictograph
  4. circle graph
Mr. James surveyed his students on their favorite subject to find the most popular subject. Which type of graph should he use to show the data, line graph or bar graph?

Ibby tracks the number of hours each day she spends doing different activities. She then calculates the percentage of time she spend on each activity. Which type of graph should she create to display her data?

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