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First Grade Mixed Grammar Practice (Grade 1)

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First Grade Mixed Grammar Practice

What is a noun?
  1. mental verb
  2. person, place, or thing
  3. physical verb
What is the noun in this sentence?

The cat dances.
  1. cat
  2. the
  3. dances
What is a proper noun?
  1. a word that describes a noun
  2. a word that shows action
  3. a word that tells the name of a specific person, place, or thing
Which noun names a thing?
  1. school
  2. pencil
  3. teacher
Choose the sentence with correct capitalization and punctuation.
  1. i like to eat pizza
  2. I Like to eat Pizza.
  3. I like to eat pizza.
Choose the correct sentence.
  1. My Birthday is in August.
  2. my birthday is in August.
  3. My birthday is in August.
What is an adjective?
  1. A word that describes a noun
  2. A word that tells time
  3. A state of being
What is the adjective in this sentence?

The adorable puppy rolls.
  1. puppy
  2. rolls
  3. adorable
Which sentence should end with a question mark?
  1. This is my dog
  2. Did you do your homework
  3. I have a new toy
Which word is a noun?
  1. reading
  2. box
  3. beautiful
Choose the best punctuation mark for the sentence.

Ahhhh, I am afraid of the dark
  1. ?
  2. .
  3. !
Which is a compound word?
  1. Tuesday
  2. baseball
  3. pencil
Which word is an adjective?
  1. eat
  2. square
  3. flowers
The word "inside" is a preposition.
  1. True
  2. False
Choose the correct sentence.
  1. Natalie enjoyed the game yesterday.
  2. Natalie will enjoy the game yesterday.
  3. Natalie enjoys the game yesterday.
Which name is capitalized correctly?
  1. jone doe
  2. james Sperry
  3. Bill Nye
What is the verb in this sentence?

Mary ran to the park.
  1. ran
  2. Mary
  3. park
What is the correct punctuation for this sentence?

Do you like ice cream          
What is the correct pronoun for Mrs. Tripp?
  1. He
  2. She
  3. We
Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank.

Ellie                 the ball over the fence.
  1. hitted
  2. hit
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