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Second Grade Mixed Grammar Practice (Grade 2)

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Second Grade Mixed Grammar Practice

Which word is a proper noun and should be capitalized?
  1. summer
  2. truck
  3. los altos elementary
  4. ice cream
  5. classroom
Choose the correct possessive noun to fill in the blank.

The                 chair was waiting for him.
  1. boy
  2. boy's
  3. boys'
Which are examples of collective nouns?
  1. cars, pens, players
  2. girl, boy, giraffe
  3. staff, herd, gang
  4. factory, teachers, teams
Which word is not a noun?
  1. car
  2. Karen
  3. think
  4. clock
Name all the adjectives in the sentence: "The costume is purple and pink, with a big flower on the collar."
  1. costume, purple, pink
  2. purple, pink
  3. purple, pink, big
  4. costume, flower
  5. costume, flower, collar
Which definition below describes a telling sentence?
  1. A telling sentence asks a question.
  2. A telling sentence makes a statement.
  3. A telling sentence shows strong feelings.
Annie and Krystal are both second graders at CTA Independence.
  1. Complete Sentence
  2. Sentence Fragment
  3. Run-On Sentence
  4. Compound Sentence
The best soccer player on our team is Luke, but he is not the fastest runner in our class.
  1. Complete Sentence
  2. Sentence Fragment
  3. Run-On Sentence
  4. Compound Sentence
Combine the two sentences.

My first name is Arnita.
My last name is Robinson.

If you see an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, how might the person speaking feel?

Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank.

My mom                 out at the gym.
  1. work
  2. works
Which sentence is an asking sentence?
  1. My mother won't let me go to the party.
  2. Did you see the dancing elephant?
You will not be in trouble if you tell the truth. (will not)
  1. won't
  2. willn't
  3. wouldn't
  4. wasn't
Is the verb in this sentence past, present, or future?

Amy likes her best friend Barb.
  1. present
  2. past
  3. future
Adam read the new book his friend Aaron bought him he really liked the ending of the story.
  1. Complete Sentence
  2. Sentence Fragment
  3. Run-On Sentence
  4. Compound Sentence
Tom ran home after school.

Which word below is the verb?
  1. home
  2. Tom
  3. ran
  4. after
Which word is a compound word?
  1. popcorn
  2. sheep
  3. pumpkin
  4. babies
Identify the root word in each of the following words.





Which month is NOT capitalized correctly?
  1. January
  2. february
  3. March
Select the letter of the choice that best identifies the noun in ALL CAPS.

Henry II, King of England (1133-1189), was the GRANDSON of William the conqueror.
  1. proper
  2. concrete
  3. abstract
  4. collective
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