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Introduction to Verbs (Grade 1)

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Introduction to Verbs

What is a verb?
  1. a person
  2. a state of being
  3. a word that shows action
Which sentence tells what a verb is?
  1. A verb is a word that describes a noun.
  2. A verb is a word that tells what a noun says.
  3. A verb is a word that tells what a noun does.
Which word is a verb?
  1. clock
  2. snake
  3. swims
The word "go" is a verb.
  1. True
  2. False
What is the verb in this sentence?

An eagle imagines.
  1. eagle
  2. imagines
  3. An
What is the verb in this sentence?

Mary ran to the park.
  1. ran
  2. Mary
  3. park
What verb correctly completes this sentence?

The dog                 home an hour ago.
  1. run
  2. ran
  3. running
The cat                             over the newspapers.

In the sentence above, what is missing?
  1. adjective (describing word)
  2. verb (action word)
  3. noun (naming word)
Which verb names an action that cannot be seen or heard?
  1. think
  2. kick
  3. sweep
Insert the correct present tense "to be" verb in each blank.

Gaby          my brother.
We            friends.
I          a student.
She          my mother.
They            green.
You             a teacher.
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