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Relative Pronouns (Grade 7)

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Relative Pronouns

In the following list, which word is not a relative pronoun?

who, whom, which, whose, that, where, when, why, they
  1. who
  2. they
  3. which
  4. that
Brad asked to ______ he should give the package.
  1. who
  2. whoever
  3. whom
  4. whomever
Jerry didn't know _______ was his.
  1. whichever
  2. which
  3. whomever
  4. who
This is the hotel                I always stay when I go to Austin.
  1. which
  2. who
  3. where
What pronoun is used for people?
  1. which
  2. that
  3. who
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above
Madeline, whose name is French, visited her aunt in Paris.

Whose is:
  1. an interrogative pronoun
  2. a reflexive pronoun
  3. a relative pronoun
  4. a demonstrative pronoun
Select the letter of the choice that best identifies the pronoun in ALL CAPS.

The first person WHO spoke at the meeting was Yvonne.
  1. indefinite
  2. interrogative
  3. demonstrative
  4. relative
Babe Ruth,                is still one of the greatest athletes of all of American sports, will never be forgotten.
  1. that
  2. which
  3. who
  4. whom
The following are common RELATIVE Pronouns; that, which, who, whom, whose.
  1. True
  2. False
Choose the correctly punctuated word to fit in the blank.
                going to give their speech next?
  1. Whose
  2. Who's

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