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8th Grade Science Vocabulary (Grade 4)

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8th Grade Science Vocabulary

The process of change in a crust due to the motion of hot material underneath is called what?
  1. Weathering & Erosion
  2. Volcanism
  3. Impact Cratering
  4. Tectonics
The                 is the repeating of changes from one kind of rock to another over time.

A natural, nonliving, solid material that has particles in a repeating pattern is a                .

An _________________________________ is a large body of air, and it forms and moves over land or water.

The point on Earth's surface that is directly above an earthquake's focus is the                .

The height or vertical distance of a point on the earth's surface above or below mean sea level is known as                
  1. altitude
  2. elevation
  3. relief
What is the slow movement of land over the earth's surface called?

What is a paleontologist?
  1. a kind of tree sap
  2. a tool used to dig for fossils
  3. an animal that only eats plants
  4. a scientist who studies fossils
What is ACID RAIN?

The layer of the atmosphere in which rainstorms occur is the                .
  1. hydrosphere
  2. stratosphere
  3. troposphere
  4. thermosphere
Earth's outermost sphere is called the
  1. biosphere.
  2. atmosphere.
  3. lithosphere.
  4. hydrosphere.
What is Earth's hydrosphere?
  1. the gases in the air
  2. the solid, rocky part of Earth
  3. all of the water on the planet
  4. the study of Earth's atmosphere
The jet stream is
  1. a high-altitude river of air.
  2. the exhaust trail left behind by a speeding airplane.
  3. slow moving air mass over the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. in the Pacific Ocean off California.
Define these two terms:

1. Liquefaction -

2. Tsunami -

Choose 5 of the science vocabulary words on this worksheet and write a paragraph that utilizes those words in the proper context. Underline or highlight the words you use.

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