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8th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary (Grade 9)

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8th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary

The words antebellum, antecedent and antemortem all use the prefix -ante. Based on your knowledge of these words, what can you conclude that the prefix -ante means?
  1. before
  2. after
  3. during
Time period before the Civil War
  1. Journeymen
  2. Civil Disobedience
  3. Gag Rule
  4. Antebellum
Many Freed slaves worked on land they rented from land owners in exchange for a portion of the crops they grew. This is called
  1. sharecropping
  2. indentured slavery
  3. feudalism
  4. none of the above
What was reconstruction?
  1. a plan to rebuild plantation owners' homes
  2. a way to get freed slaves their own land
  3. an idea that only African Americans could be sharecroppers
  4. a plan to rebuild the country after the Civil War
                         means the rule of the many rather than the few.
Define the term "federalism".

Countries often establish taxes on imports and exports, also known as                .
  1. infrastructure
  2. trade deficit
  3. census
  4. tariff
What is the meaning of diplomacy?
  1. the art of receiving a diploma
  2. the art of negotiating with foreign governments
  3. the art of negotiating for higher pay
  4. all of the above
Define the word: nationalism

A policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world
  1. capitalism
  2. militarism
  3. imperialism
  4. nationalism
What is separation of races called?
  1. separation
  2. isolation
  3. segregation
  4. intimidation
What is the name of the movement involving groups of people opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol?
  1. Temperament Union
  2. Temperance Movement
  3. Suffrage
  4. Progressive Movement
Having the right to vote is known by the following term:
  1. Sovereignty
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Suffrage
  4. Flappers
A market economy is a system where the price of goods is determined by                    and                   
Choose four of the words on this worksheet and write a paragraph about the Civil War. Underline or highlight the words you use.

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