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Physics Vocabulary (Grade 8)

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Physics Vocabulary

A substance that does not allow for the flow of electricity is referred to as a                .
  1. regulator
  2. conductor
  3. insulator
  1. holds many components
  2. incomplete circuit
  3. material that allows electricity to flow
                   is the release of nuclear particles and energy from unstable atomic nuclei.
  1. Superposition
  2. Indexing
  3. Radioactive decay
  4. Radiometric dating
The unit most commonly used to measure sound is the                .
  1. centimeter
  2. decibel
  3. meter
The                      are regions where the magnetic force exerted by a magnet is strongest.
  1. anodes
  2. magnetic poles
  3. magnetic field lines
  4. cathodes
What force holds the atmosphere to Earth?
  1. centrifugal force
  2. gravity
  3. radioactive decay
  4. atmospheric pressure
What is force?

What is the difference between Distance and Displacement?

Motion is
  1. the push or pull of an object.
  2. a force that works against motion.
  3. a model built by an engineer.
  4. when an object changes position.
When a wave "bounces back", it is called                .
  1. refraction
  2. reflection
  3. reverberation
  4. vibration
During                , a light ray changes direction as it passes from one material to another.
  1. refraction
  2. reflection
Acceleration is the
  1. rate of change in momentum.
  2. rate of change in speed.
  3. rate of change in velocity.
  4. amount of time needed for an object to reach its destination.
The point in a longitudinal wave where the particles are closest together is called                             . The point where they are farthest apart is called                             .
What physical property is the ratio of the mass of a substance divided by its volume?

Choose 5 of the science vocabulary words on this worksheet and write a paragraph that utilizes those words in the proper context. Underline or highlight the words you use.

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