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The Harlem Renaissance (Grade 9)

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The Harlem Renaissance

Which of the following African-Americans were NOT associated with the Harlem Renaissance?
  1. Malcolm X
  2. Langston Hughes
  3. Bessie Smith
  4. Countee Cullen
The sense of group identity created by the Harlem Renaissance
  1. formed a basis for later progress for African Americans
  2. was lost by the end of the 1920's
  3. enabled African Americans to form their own nation
  4. ended discrimination against African Americans
The Harlem Renaissance refers to
  1. a struggle for civil rights by the NAACP
  2. a population increase in Harlem during the 1920's
  3. a program to promote African-American owned businesses
  4. a celebration of African-American culture in literature and art.
Which theme best describes the writing of the Harlem Renaissance?
  1. a desire to return to Africa
  2. a call self-reliance and independence
  3. speaking out against racism
  4. the importance of becoming more American
The Harlem Renaissance occurred between                
  1. 1890 and 1900
  2. 1900 and 1915
  3. 1917-1935
  4. 1940-1950
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