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Organizing Ideas (Grade 4)

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Organizing Ideas

The damaged roof is flat and measures twenty feet by forty-five feet. It is made of metal beams covered by roofing tiles. The grey roofing tiles are ten years old and originally had a twenty year warranty. A section of the roof was broken by a falling tree. The damaged section measures approximately three feet by four feet. The accident left the interior of the building open to the elements. It has been covered temporarily with a plastic tarp.

What is the organizational pattern of the passage?
  1. chronological order
  2. compare and contrast
  3. main idea and supporting details
  4. text features
Jetta is using the following sentences to write a report about pets in the White House.
(1)Many U.S. presidents and their families have owned pets.
(2)Creatures from parrots to tigers have made a home at the White House.
(3)He also made room for raccoons, a bobcat, a goose, a bear, and a hippo!
(4)Calvin Coolidge had dogs, cats, and birds.

What order should Jetta place her sentences?
  1. 1, 2, 4, 3
  2. 3, 4, 1, 2
  3. 2, 4, 1, 3
  4. 4, 1, 2, 3
Read the paragraph below.

Goosebumps happen when your body gets cold or when you have a strong feeling, such as fear. Nerves carry a signal to tiny muscles in the skin. The muscles tighten. The muscles make the hair on the body stand up.

Which of the following sentences would be the best conclusion to the paragraph?
  1. Sometimes I get scared at night and get goosebumps.
  2. This causes the little bumps known as goosebumps.
  3. Science fiction books can be scary, too.
  4. If you have big muscles, you will get goosebumps more often.
Read the first part of Mandy's directions for making an apple cobbler.

(1)Slice six cups of apples. (2)Put the crust in the pie plate. (3)Spread the sliced apples over the crust. (4)Put the sugar and butter on top of the apples.

Which of the following directions could be added between sentences 3 and 4?
  1. Get out the sugar and the butter.
  2. Put the pie in the oven.
  3. Cut the pie into six pieces.
  4. Put a crust on top of the sugar and butter.
Read the sentences below. Decide what is the correct order of events. Choose the letter that shows the correct order of events.

1. I don't want to eat pizza again for a long time.
2. I ate ten pieces of pizza.
3. Later that night, I got sick.
4. I felt very full.
  1. 4, 2, 3, 1
  2. 1, 2, 3, 4
  3. 2, 4, 3, 1
  4. 4, 1, 3, 2
The first official observance of Labor Day was Tuesday September 5, 1882 in New York City. The holiday was created by the Central Labor Union to recognize the contributions of the American worker. In 1884 the first Monday in September was selected to be the annual day of celebration. The Central Labor Union tried to encourage groups in other cities to follow the example of a "workingmen's holiday." The government first began recognizing the holiday through ordinances in 1885 and 1886. The first bill to become a law recognizing Labor Day was passed in Oregon in February of 1887. By June of 1894, the majority of states had recognized the holiday, so the federal government passed a law making the observance of Labor Day each first Monday in September a legal holiday. The holiday is celebrated by workers and others nationwide in street parades and festivals.

Which organizational pattern did the author use for this passage?
  1. cause and effect
  2. compare and contrast
  3. chronological order
  4. description
Grade inflation is the awarding of ever-higher grades for average work. For example, one study of high school grades revealed that the number of A's given had increased ten times over a forty-year period.
  1. comparison
  2. contrast
  3. definition and example
  4. cause and effect
Estelle decided to write her paper about annual droughts that occur in the southern United States.

1. little rain
2. overwatering
3. deforestation
4. diminished crop growth
5. dust storms

Based on Estelle's list, which organizational pattern is best for her to use?
  1. sequential order
  2. cause and effect
  3. compare/contrast
  4. description
Mr. Granger is a nice man. He is our next door neighbor. He wasn't feeling well and went to see Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen gave Mr. Granger a check up and told him he needed to eat more fruits and vegetables and start to exercise every day. Mr. Granger wanted to feel better. First, he started eating a grapefruit every morning for breakfast. He walked two miles with Mrs. Granger every morning after breakfast. He would help Mrs. Granger work in the yard for two hours after their walk. They would eat a salad for lunch and then Mr. Granger would ride his bike to the gym to exercise each afternoon for an hour. Mr. Granger would go straight home and take a nap after an hour at the gym.


                       Mr. Granger ate salad for lunch.

                       Mr. Granger walked two miles with Mrs. Granger.

                       Mr. Granger exercised a the gym for an hour.

                       Mr. Granger took a nap.

                       Mr. Granger went to see Dr. Allen

                       Mr. Granger worked in the yard with Mrs. Granger.

                       Mr. Granger ate a grapefruit for breakfast.

                       Mr. Granger rode his bike to the gym

List 10 transitional words or phrases and describe what each word or phrase does in a sentence.

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