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Digital and Applied Arts (Grade 10)

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Digital and Applied Arts

Because it is used on the internet, permission is not needed to use others' works in a digital portfolio.
  1. True
  2. False
An electronic, or digital, portfolio is a collection of artifacts assembled by a user.
  1. True
  2. False
To make it easy to find your digital portfolio image files, save them to a:
  1. cabinet on your hard drive
  2. drawer on your hard drive
  3. art folders that you created on your server space or your hard drive.
  4. disk on hard drive
Which of the following best describes management of all essential skills in art?
  1. management is not a science
  2. management is an art and a science
  3. management ia an art
  4. management is just controlling
The processes of organizing and keeping track of your digital portfolio files is called.
  1. clean up
  2. file management
  3. code organizing
  4. system reboot
The application of knowledge to solve practical problems is known as:
  1. science
  2. curiosity
  3. technology
  4. problem solving skills
Which of the following is a true statement?
  1. you are free to copy images you find and include it in a piece of artwork.
  2. you should never consult web sources when you are gathering references to create a piece of artwork.
  3. you should not have to cite the web sources you use in your artworks.
  4. web sources must be cited in the art competition application. You are not free to plagerize images.
The processes artists use to develop new visual products to meet the needs and wants of the clients, or competition work.
  1. inventions
  2. inovations
  3. layering, experimentation, practice, and production
  4. technology
What is a system that links computers around the world, making is such an important tool in the Art? .
  1. bathroom
  2. restaurant
  3. internet
  4. television
The most important thing about a webpage for acquiring art competition knowledge is:
  1. the navigation
  2. visual
  3. the layout
  4. location of the webpage
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