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Printmaking (Grade 10)

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Prints are most often created by transferring ink from a matrix to a sheet of paper.
  1. True
  2. False
There are 7 categories of printmaking.
  1. True
  2. False
Which method of printmaking will give you the most realistic image?
  1. linoleum print
  2. potato print
  3. photo silk-screen
  4. mono print
The technique used when ink is pressed through a prepared screen is:
  1. relief
  2. intaglio
  3. stencil
  4. silk-screen
The process of carving a linoleum block is:
  1. additive
  2. open and closed
  3. exposure
  4. subtractive
A printing technique which creates one print is a(n)
  1. wood relief
  2. monoprint
  3. stencil print
  4. etching
The tool traditionally used to apply ink to the linoleum block is called a:
  1. brayer
  2. squeegy
  3. brush
  4. sponge
The number of prints that have been printed from the same block is called the:
  1. edition
  2. key
  3. proof
  4. series
A practice or trial print is called a(n):
  1. edition
  2. key
  3. plate
  4. proof
The tool used to hold your linoleum as you cut is called the:
  1. easel
  2. bench hook
  3. brayer
  4. table hook
A print may also be known as an                           .
The most common medium for printmaking is                 .
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