Vocabulary in Poetry (Grade 6)

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Vocabulary in Poetry

The bawl of a steer,
To a cowboy's ear,
Is music of sweetest strain;
And the yelping notes
Of the gray cayotes
To him are a glad refrain.

And his jolly songs
Speed him along,
As he thinks of the little gal
With golden hair
Who is waiting there
At the bars of the home corral.

For a kingly crown
In the noisy town
His saddle he wouldn't change;
No life so free
As the life we see
Way out on the Yaso range.

His eyes are bright
And his heart as light
As the smoke of his cigarette;
There's never a care
For his soul to bear,
No trouble to make him fret.

The rapid beat
Of his broncho's feet
On the sod as he speeds along,
Keeps living time
To the ringing rhyme
Of his rollicking cowboy song.

Hike it, cowboys,
For the range away
On the back of a bronc of steel,
With a careless flirt
Of the raw-hide quirt
And a dig of a roweled heel!

The winds may blow
And the thunder growl
Or the breezes may safely moan;
A cowboy's life
Is a royal life,
His saddle his kingly throne.

Saddle up, boys,
For the work is play
When love's in the cowboy's eyes,
When his heart is light
As the clouds of white
That swim in the summer skies.
In the first line of the poem, the word bawl most likely means...
  1. the sound a cow makes
  2. weeping or crying
  3. a loud shout
  4. a round object used in play
A yelp is a short sharp cry.
Why is this an odd choice of words in the first line of the poem?
  1. Because cayotes don't yelp
  2. Because coyotes howl
  3. Because yelping isn't usually beautiful
  4. Because a yelp represents happy cries
Which definition of the word corral is most likely used at the end of stanza 2?
  1. gather together
  2. put away livestock
  3. a pen for livestock
  4. a group of wagons in a camp
Which definition of the word range is used at the end of stanza 3?
  1. the area covered by something
  2. a line or series of mountains and hills
  3. to travel or wander over a wide area
  4. arrange in a row
The best synonym for the word fret as used in stanza 4 would be...
  1. smile
  2. worry
  3. calm
  4. endure
In stanza 5, the word sod most likely means...
  1. grass
  2. rocks
  3. pavement
  4. concrete
In stanza 5, the poet uses the word "rollicking". Which word is not a synonym for rollicking?
  1. spirited
  2. exuberant
  3. weary
  4. lively
Stanza 6 references a quirt. A quirt is most likely...
  1. A whip
  2. A horse
  3. A car
  4. A cowboy
In stanza 6, the roweled heel is most likely part of...
  1. the cowboy's saddle
  2. the cowboy's boot
  3. the cowboy's whip
  4. the cowboy's horse
Which definition fits the meaning of the word light as used in the final stanza of the poem?
  1. understanding of a mystery
  2. the natural process that makes things visible
  3. not heavy
  4. carefree and happy

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