This printable supports Common Core ELA Standard ELA-Literacy.L.11-12.1.A

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Changing Language (Grades 11-12)

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Changing Language

Spelling a word like ARTIFACT as ARTEFACT represents a:
  1. synonym
  2. antonym
  3. misspelling
  4. variant
Spelling REALIZE as REALISE is an example of:
  1. American English
  2. regional word choice
  3. Oxford spelling
  4. incorrect spelling
What effect have cell phones and social media had on Standard American English?
  1. They have made people more aware of Standard American English.
  2. They have bent the rules of Standard American English.
  3. They have encouraged the use of Standard American English.
  4. They have discouraged the use of Standard American English.
Which statement about language is true?
  1. Language stays the same.
  2. Language has few rules.
  3. Language changes over time.
  4. Language doesn't have to be used correctly.
Which cell phone feature most negatively affects Standard American English?
  1. text messaging
  2. voicemail
  3. voice commands
  4. e-mail
Which feature of most text messaging software most negatively effects Standard American English?
  1. QWERTY keyboards
  2. autocorrect
  3. character limits
  4. saved messages
Which feature of Twitter most negatively affects Standard American English?
  1. The 140 character limit
  2. The ability to retweet
  3. The ability to reply to tweets
  4. The ability to tweet images
When writing, using a word like SPECTACLES or EYEGLASSES instead of the word GLASSES represents:
  1. regional word choice
  2. American English
  3. British English
  4. using a thesaurus
How does language change over time?

Do you think you should use Standard American English when texting your friends or talking to them online?

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