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Anatomy of the Bones (Grades 11-12)

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Anatomy of the Bones

The outer shell of a bone is composed of a strong, dense substance called
  1. compact bone.
  2. spongy bone.
  3. marrow.
  4. medulla.
Osteoclasts are special cells that constantly move through your bones, removing old materials to make room for new.
  1. True
  2. False
What is the primary substance that gives bones their rigid strength?
  1. sodium chloride
  2. calcium phosphate
  3. sodium phosphate
  4. calcium chloride
What are the small spaces found within the bone matrix that contain tissue fluid?
  1. lamellae
  2. canaliculi
  3. lacunae
  4. trabeculae
What is the function of the concentric lamellae found within the osteon of bone tissue?
  1. They produce red bone marrow.
  2. They produce yellow bone marrow.
  3. They connect the lacunae to the central canal.
  4. They provide support for the bones.
The cells that are responsible for the building of new bone tissue are called                             .
How is an epiphyseal plate useful in determining the age of a bone?

Which activity is the BEST activity to partake in so that one's bone density increases?
  1. swimming
  2. sleeping
  3. sitting
  4. typing
The structural units of bone are cylinder-shaped pieces called                     .
After a bone is broken, how do osteoblasts and osteoclasts help to attach the separated pieces?

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