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Plant Hormones (Grade 10)

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Plant Hormones

Which plant hormone is responsible for the development of vascular tissue?
  1. auxin
  2. gibberellins
  3. ethylene
  4. abscisic acid
Which is a function of plant gibberellins?
  1. promote shoot development
  2. prevent stomatal closing
  3. delay the dropping of leaves
  4. stimulate stem elongation
When conditions are unfavorable, which of these plant hormones prevents seed germination?
  1. auxin
  2. gibberellins
  3. abscisic acid
  4. cytokinins
The plant hormone that stimulates secondary meristem development is called a                           .
In order to ripen fruit, it is advised to spray plants with which hormones?
  1. ethylene
  2. auxins
  3. gibberellins
  4. cytokinins
A scientist has placed a plant under a direct light source. After some time, he notices that the stem has bent in the direction of the light. Which hormone is primarily responsible for this tropism?
  1. gibberellins
  2. auxin
  3. ethylene
  4. cytokinins
Brassinosteroids are the plant hormones that are directly responsible for seed germination.
  1. True
  2. False
Why is abscisic acid important when growing conditions are poor?

Which statement describes the relationship between plant hormones and phototropism?
  1. Gibberellins cause the leaves to curl up in the presence of light.
  2. Auxins cause the stems to bend towards the light source.
  3. Cytokinins cause light to be absorbed at a faster rate for photosynthesis.
  4. Ethylenes cause the plants to bend away from the light source.
In the desert, it is vert hot during the day. As a result, abscisic acid causes the closing of the plants'                      in order to conserve water.
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