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Electricity and Magnetism (Grades 11-12)

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Electricity and Magnetism

Which action makes use of a magnetic force?
  1. A store clerk finds the price of an item by moving the item over a laser light.
  2. A parent measures a child’s temperature by touching a thermometer to the child’s head.
  3. A person puts a bank card in an electronic reader to buy an item.
  4. A student measures the mass of a book using a spring scale.
Which action will not induce a potential difference in a coil of wire?
  1. Moving a magnet through the coil
  2. Holding the coil in a changing magnetic field
  3. Holding the coil in a stationary magnetic field
  4. Moving the coil and a magnet toward each other
A                 is a device used to increase or decrease alternating current voltages.
  1. circuit breaker
  2. generator
  3. transformer
  4. voltmeter
In a                                , some or all of the resistance is cut out of the circuit allowing the voltage to push a huge current through the wires.
  1. surge protector
  2. circuit breaker
  3. blown fuse
  4. short circuit
The diagram shows the magnetic field lines for a bar magnet. Which statement best describes the strength of the magnetic field for the bar magnet?
Magnetic Lines Of Forces
  1. The magnetic field is strongest at north pole of the magnet.
  2. The magnetic field is strongest at the south pole of the magnet.
  3. The magnetic field is strongest at both the north and south poles.
  4. The magnetic field is strongest in the region between the north and south poles.
Look at the drawing. If each resistor is 2 Ohms, what is the total resistance of the circuit?
Series Circuit
  1. 3 Ohms
  2. 0 Ohms
  3. 1 Ohm
  4. 6 Ohms
A path for electricity is                .
  1. circuit
  2. a light bulb
  3. amper
  4. route
When one bulb goes out, the other bulbs remain lit in a(n)                .
  1. open circuit
  2. closed circuit
  3. series circuit
  4. parallel circuit
A device that can detect small changes in magnetic fields is a                .
  1. isochron
  2. magnetometer
  3. polarimeter
  4. iron oxide
Which of the following is NOT a method for making a magnet out of a metal which has the ability to be magnetized?
  1. by striking the metal
  2. by exposing the metal to another magnet
  3. by super radiating the metal
  4. by running electricity through a coil wrapped around the iron
Like poles of a magnet                .
  1. attract
  2. repel
  3. spin
  4. form an eddy
The units which can align to create a magnet are called                .
  1. domains
  2. magnetic units
  3. molecules
  4. electrons

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